• NEW - Seafood Supreme Gourmet PizzaThinly sliced favourful smoked salmon, tender and juicy scallops and fresh succulent prawns are the highlights of this delightful "Treasures of The Sea" Pizza.
  • NEW - Classic Greek Gourmet PizzaGreek flavoured toppings like black olives and feta cheese over ground beef make a delightful and tasty pizza. Try it, you'll love it.
  • NEW - Quattro Formaggi Gourmet PizzaThis luscious, creamy and rich 4 cheese combination is our special blend of Pamesan, cheddlar, feta and mozzerella cheeses. Cheese Lovers enjoy creamy mouth watering goodness oozing with every bite!!
  • NEW - Altantis Gourmet PizzaThe slices of prawns and scallops are oven baked to perfection to retain their moisture and flavor - The best of the ocean...
  • NEW - Tom Yam Goong Gourmet PizzaThe timeless Thai favorite Tom Yum chilli paste with prawns, carb stick and shitake mushrooms give the pizza a subtle tinge of spiciness with a distinct blend of sour and citrus overtones. This is Amazing Thailand ....
  • NEW -Sambal Seafood Gourmet PizzaEast meets West. Sambal, a spicy Southeast Asianchilli condiment, gives special "kick" to prawns and squid in the pizza ... This is HOT !!!
  • NEW - Dessert Pizza .... Unique Sweet PassionSilky smooth coconute egg custard lightly flavored with screwpine leaves and with slices of banana topping - Savor this unforgetable sweet dessert sensation ..
  • NEW - Spaghetti BolognesseOurtasty spaghetti alla bolognese is bursting with flavour from the chicken based tomato sauce. Just like the way mama used to make it
  • NEW - Spaghetti White SauceEnjoy this delightful spaghetti enrobed in a creamy freshly made white sauce topped with ham and mushrooms
  • NEW - Chocolate PuddingA classic comfort food dessert for all ocassions ... Enjoy!!
  • NEW - Mushroom Soup Simple homemade mushroom soup - lovely flavour and texture. Yummy...
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